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Advertise your product and services on Kenya's largest online classifieds by simply posting your ad or registering your business with us.

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PigiaMe is Kenya's largest trusted online classifieds platform that conveniently connects buyers and sellers. PigiaMe is a registered trademark of Ltd, operated in Kenya by Ringier One Africa Media.
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Advertise with us
Advertise your product and services on Kenya's largest online classifieds by simply posting your ad or registering your business with us.
How do I sell on PigiaMe?

To get started, first register/login HERE and put your phone number and password. It's free to register for an account on PigiaMe.

After you register you receive a verification code to verify your number. If you do not receive the code check if you have blocked receiving messages from unknown sources, if not contact us for assistance.

How does PigiaMe work?

Login to your account using your phone number and password.

Click Sell, choose a category for your product and start filling details of the product.

Start receiving inquiries from interested buyers who will call, whatsapp or chat with you. Organize for the sale and delivery.

How do I post on PigiaMe

Log in to your account, Click Sell or Post an Ad on the seller menu on your account.

  • Choose a category where the ad belongs. Choose a subcategory.
  • Attach a clear image
  • Put a Catchy title and description for your product by filling all the details.
  • Put your price and click next,
  • Choose an ad type {free, Silver or Gold Ad} and click next to post.
Posting Policies


  • Every ad must have a catchy, precise and attractive title .
  • Begin each word in the title with a capital letter .


  • Description should be interesting, unique and should capture all the details of the products you are selling .
  • Phone numbers and urls should not be included in the description .


  • Upload a good image that is not blurry .
  • You can upload up to 15 images of a particular product on a single Ad .
  • The phone number should not be included in the image .
  • Adverts with no pictures will be rejected .
  • Each item for sale must be posted separately . You cannot post several products within one Ad .

Rejected Ads

  • do not post a product several times or duplicate ads, they will be rejected .


  • This is compulsory but you can indicate in the description that the price is negotiable .
  • The price should be reasonable, competitive and attractive to increase your chances of selling.
What happens after I post my ad

After posting your ad our moderation team will review carefully if the ad meets our standards; a proper title, a clear description of what you are selling, the price matches the item and images matches what you are selling.

Approval time for business hours is up to a max of 2 hours and outside working hours upto 8 hours excluding weekends.

Once your advert is live, you will receive a notification email from us.

If your advert is rejected, you will receive a notification from us with the reason why. Please edit your ad and re-submit it for approval.

All your adverts will be in your Seller Menu { Draft , Awaiting Approval, Online, Expired, Offline, Rejected}.

How long does my Ad stay online/live?

After approval your Ads will stay online/live for 3 Months (since the date you posted) before expiry or before you deactivate them. You can Edit an Ad which is online and Renew/Edit an Ad that has expired to go back online.

How do I edit my Ad?

To change the prices for your ads, Title, description details or images click on Edit and re-submit the Ad.

How do I renew an expired Ad?

To renew an expired Ad you can click Expired on the Manage my Ad Bar. Click Renew on each expired Ad to renew and the Ad goes back live. You can also edit the Ad if you need to change details. Renew expired ads in bulk by clicking Expired on the ad menu bar, Select All, on bulk action choose Renew.

How do I get inquiries / How do I get interested buyers to contact me?

Interested buyers will call you via your phone number, Others will chat via our app, whatsapp and Telegram. You are responsible for the handling of the inquiries.

Is there any limitation to posting an advert?

You can post any number of adverts on PigiaMe, Posting is limitless. Businesses can also subscribe to different boosting options according to their needs and plans.

How much does it cost to be on PigiaMe/ To advertise on PigiaMe?

To register on PigiaMe is free and there is no limit for posting ads, but we have boosting options that may suit your business marketing needs and plans.

What are your boosting options

Our boosting options include Silver, Gold boost ads.

Silver boost ads appear above Standard ads (free ads) and have a silver branding. You can shuffle your silver boost ads between all your ads depending on which ad you want as silver. Silver boost ads shuffle within a category keeping the content looking fresh. Silver listings also give you a higher priority in user searches.

Gold ads appear above both Standard ads (free ads) and Silver boost ads and on top of the page in the default search getting higher priority in user searches. Gold ads also appear on the homepage carousel. You can also switch your Gold boost ad depending which ad you want as Gold and it remains that way until you change it again.

To boost your ads to Silver or Gold boost Ads; during posting of the ads select silver boost or a 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month Gold boost. Also, on a specific ad you can click boost, select the type of boost weather Silver or Gold. You will be redirected to our payment platform if you do not have credit on your account or credits will be deducted from your account according to the boost type charges.

How do I switch Silver and Gold boosts?

Go to the ad you want to put as a silver or Gold boost ad. On the ads action menu (the 3 dots) select switch to Silver/Gold. A dialogue box appears where you select a silver/gold ad boost you want to replace.

You can upgrade you ads to silver or Gold boost ads using our credit bundles

How do I purchase credit bundles?

Upgrade your ads for better visibility using our credit bundles.

Purchasing credit bundles can be done in 5 easy steps.

  • Go to your seller menu and select buy credits.
  • Select a credit bundle option that suits your business needs.
  • Click Top up your credits after which you will be redirected to our payment platform.
  • After you complete making your payment, we will top up your credit bundles.
  • Use these credit bundles to upgrade your ads and sell more.
What is a Verified Seller Badge?

Verified Seller Badges are awarded to trusted businesses to show they are legit sellers. In order to qualify for a Verified Seller badge, a business has to provide the following documentations:

  • Personal ID of a senior employee or director
  • KRA Tax Pin no.
  • Personal ID of a senior employee or director
  • Certificate of incorporation for the business

In addition, sellers pay for a 1year subscription fee of Kes 2000.

How does PigiaMe help me/ How do I benefit from posting on PigiaMe?

By posting your products on PigiaMe, you increase visibility of your products reaching a wider market of online buyers.

PigiaMe is the only platform where you will get quality buyers who are ready to purchase.

At PigiaMe we focus on quality,safety, and support to our sellers.

  • Focus on quality: we review each and every advert that is posted on our website to make sure it contains all the relevant information and meets our quality standards.
  • Security/Safety: We minimize fraudsters by ensuring sellers have Verified Seller Badge to highlight trusted sellers.
  • Support to our sellers: we provide unique account management services. We have a dedicated team that is ready to answer all your questions. We make monthly visits to our sellers and weekly follow ups to discuss how adverts are performing on the platform. business cards).
How do I contact PigiaMe for support?

You can contact us via this channels;

Phone contact: +254111026400

WhatsApp: +254111026401

Messenger: PigiaMeClassifieds


Visit our contact page

How do I report fraud / scam or other suspicious items?

Each advert has a Report This Ad tab. Click on that immediately and indicate the reasons in the comment box as to why you are reporting that particular advert.

We will receive the report and commence action immediately.You can also send the advert ID on our Facebook page or send an email to or you can simply reach us on any of the numbers at the bottom of the page and someone will respond to the query immediately.

How do I set up a deal?

Any seller can have their items on our deals page.

For you to appear on our deals page , go to the ad you want to set as a deal, click on the actions menu icon (the 3 dots) and select Deal, indicate the Deal price which should be lower than the original price, indicate the duration you would like the deal to run and then save.

Our moderation team will have a look at it and approve

Deals can be viewed from the deals page

What's the difference between a Private & Business seller?

Private Seller accounts are for casual selling. If you want to sell that unused item that you have to make extra cash or dispose of an item then you are a private seller.

Business Sellers on the other hand are those that buy items for resale, Sell in bulk quite often, Buy items on behalf of their business and offer services or goods that they have made for resale value.

Does PigiaMe have and App?

PigiaMe has an App that makes it easier for sellers to post their products and buyers to inquire and contact the sellers for those products which they are interested in.

Get our App in the google playstore HERE

How do I buy something on PigiaMe

Search for the item ; Use a search panel and filters to find what you need. We have over a thousands of adverts, so you can choose exactly what you are looking for.

Go to categories Select the category where your item belongs, filter or choose a subcategory for the item you are exactly looking for.

Contact the seller after finding the product. We verify most of our sellers but it's always good to be conscious and meet with the seller in public places and be sure to pay only after seeing the product.

How do I contact a seller?

PigiaMe is an online classifieds website and does not sell the items on the site but advertise the platform on behalf of our sellers.

To buy something that you like, you can contact the seller directly in different ways.

WhatsApp - Click on the WhatsApp icon in each ad. It will open your WhatsApp app with the seller's number.

Use the Show Number icon if you want to call the seller directly.

Use the Chat icon option if you want to chat directly with the seller.