Moroccan Bath Kit Set

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Promote a smooth, radiant complexion
Help maintain elasticity of skin
Heal dry, brittle nails and soften cuticles Regenerate skin Tissue and has the ability to regulate the natural moisturizing system of the skin.
morocco four original materials includes; Moroccan soap natural Moroccan hand gloves soap Moroccan bath, moroccan soap is made with castor oil and fresh olives .Rich with essential nutrients, this all-natural mask Powder provides extra nourishment to the skin and hair and scalp revealing a healthier and smoother skin and scalp Product features & benefits: * 100% Natural Clay * Cleanses, nourishes and conditions skin. * Contains high percentage of silica, Mg 2 , Ca 2.Kit includes:

  1. Moroccan Soap 250ml It softens the skin and gently removes skin toxins and layers of dead skin surfaces.
    2.Ghassoul(Moroccan lava clay) 125g Rich with essential nutrients, this all natural bath kit provides extra nourishment to skin, revealing healthy and smooth skin. Removes toxins.
    Suitable for all skin types.
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