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11. Sep, 07:21
Nairobi CBD Nairobi

Say goodbye to your traditional and at times hard-to-find glass screen protector.
The nano liquid screen protector is 1ml of military defense grade tech that, when applied creates a layer that is 1/500ths the width of a strand of hair, which is just about as strong as 9H tempered glass.
At only Ksh 1,200, the nano liquid allows for more clarity that your generic glass screen protector.


  • 9H Hardness
  • Waterproof
  • Shock resistant
  • Anti-microbial
  • 99% clarity
    With one capsule being able to cater to up to 3 of your devices (smartphone, tablet, smartwatch,...hata 'mulika-mwizi'), this is rather cost-effective too.

Really simple to apply.

  1. Use the wet wipe to clean the phone's screen
  2. Use the dry wipe to dry it off
  3. Apply two or three drops on your screen
  4. Use the microfiber cloth to spread it around in a circular motion until it is evenly distributed and streak-free
  5. Wait five or so minutes.
  6. Take a pin, key or any non-diamond tipped sharp object and vigorously scratch on the surface.
    (Last step optional, however rather rewarding)

The nano liquid is not limited to screens. Apply it on your camera lens cover to keep it from scratching in your pocket or purse. You can even apply it on your new phone case to keep it as scratch-free as the day you bought it long after it has jumbled up with keys and whatnot in your pocket or purse :)

With this nano-liquid screen protector, you will enjoy having 9H protection that does not appear to be there :)

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