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Professional window tinting Nairobi- 3M Automotive Tinting

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Bestcare Auto Services provides Glass Tinting services to Nairobi, and surrounding areas.

We tint your windows to the very top, apply tint to your front and rear wind screen in one piece. we only use the very best products.

At Bestcare Window Tinting Nairobi, we offer professional auto window tinting service to clients in Nairobi Area. Buying a vehicle is a major life investment; by adding some extra protection through window tinting you can help to keep your prized possession safe from a number of dangers. The most important reason to tint the windows of your car or truck is to block out 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause skin cancer. By tinting the windows in your car or truck, you also help to prevent the risk of your interior upholstery from fading or cracking. Bestcare Window Tinting Nairobi  has the knowledge and experience to help you decide upon the perfect auto tint for you and your vehicle. At Bestcare Window Tinting Nairobi we offer a large range of different truck and car window tinting and films to meet your individual needs and budgets.

The Basics Behind Window Tinting Services at Bestcare Services Nairobi 

Window tinting lessens the sun’s impact on a vehicle’s interior and occupants. Harmful ultraviolet rays have an easier time going through clear windows than tinted ones, and strong light can hinder the vision of drivers and passengers. As a result, many motorists look into darkening the windows on their vehicles. Tinted windows can help prevent the damage and inconvenience inadvertently caused by the sun. Depending on where a driver lives, laws and regulations will vary on the acceptable percentage of window tint or visible light transmittance (VLT). Low tint percentages, like 5%, are darker than high percentages, like 50%. Based upon where a person lives, the places a driver can apply a tint will also differ. Areas allowed or disallowed include the front side windows, rear side windows, and windshields. Give us a call or contact us online to learn about the shades we have available and where we can legally apply the tint.

Why Should You Have Window Tinting Services Performed at Bestcare Services Nairobi 
Are you considering having your windows tinted? The benefits of having tinted windows are enormous. Without tinted windows, the sun can cause your vehicle’s interior to fade. We have the right tools available to carefully apply the desired tint or film to your auto glass. If you have any questions prior to arriving or while we are working, please let us know. Let our staff know what you are in the market to do, and we will get to work protecting your vehicle with a new window tint or film. Are you ready to begin the process? We look forward to finding the right tint for your window and getting you back on the road with protective, shaded windows.
What is Window Tinting?

Window Tinting refers to the process of applying a sheet of film to the interior of a car’s windows.  Window tints greatly vary in color and quality, with some vehicle owners preferring a moderate amount of sun-shading while others want almost-black window tinting for increased privacy.

While many drivers want to add car window tinting in Nairobi for sheer aesthetic appeal, there are a number of practical reasons why vehicle owners may want to investigate window tinting. In many cases, a high-quality, professionally installed window tint can help protect a vehicle’s long-term or resale value.

Practical Reasons to Add Window Tinting in Nairobi

The main reason why most drivers add window tinting is to reduce the level of radiation and heat that reaches a vehicle’s interior. While this is more of a concern in hot-weather climates, solar radiation can cause a significant degree of damage to a vehicle’s interior – particularly if the vehicle features a leather or faux-leather interior susceptible to fading or cracking.

Many drivers want the added privacy and security that window tinting can provide. A good window tint can prevent others from easily seeing into a vehicle, and in some cases can dissuade potential burglars from breaking into a vehicle. Most drivers seeking added security opt to pair window tinting with an alarm system, a service which Depot Auto Sound and Security can also provide.

Other Window Tinting Considerations for Nairobi Kenya Drivers

Both the material and the thickness of each film can vary a great deal, and state regulations regarding the darkness of a window tint can differ significantly. Many counties, including Nairobi, have strict regulations on front windshield tint, and closely monitor tint applied to other windows on a vehicle.

While some drivers might want to try applying tint themselves, it’s usually in a vehicle owner’s best interest to let a trusted professional install window tinting to ensure a perfect application.

Check out the other services we offer as well: car audio and lighting installation, backup cameras, radar detectors, remote starters, and much more!

Improving comfort, protecting vehicle interiors and blocking UV rays are 3M hallmarks. Custom window tint with privacy and superior heat rejection.

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