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I am excited and eager to get you started on this unique, highly effective program that is positively changing people’s lives not only in Kenya, but all around the world and is extremely safe and internationally certified and proven.

Have you ever experienced the following symptoms before or do you currently ?

Acid reflux
Memory problems
Low energy
Frequent fatigue,
Joint pain.
Unexplained Weight gain etc…
You are a victim of a toxic colon which is a major contributor to stubborn belly fat/excess body weight.

What is a toxic colon?

Over time, your colon may become unhealthy and lose its ability to properly eliminate all the waste materials from your digestive tract. This is due to a combination of the following: Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, drug intake, sedentary lifestyle and a variety of other factors. Therefore, deposits of waste matter build up along the wall of your colon and some do not leave for months or even years,causing hardened fecal matter which can get to be 2 or 3 inches thick and as hard as tire rubber and eventually lead to symptoms that were mentioned earlier. Hence this makes it hard to lose belly fat or excess body weight.

This is why other methods have not been working for you.

Have you tried other methods before? Have they worked? Did you give up? well, we all give up if something doesn’t work. Naturally lack of progress kills motivation.

Why does it take so long to lose a kilo at the gym for example? Because we focus on losing weight or the tummy, rather than getting rid of the cause.

So what is the cause? Why do we get belly fat? The good news is, fat is good for you.

Among other reasons, getting fat is how your body protects you from accumulation of harmful toxins.

The clean 9 program focuses on getting rid of the toxins in your body and regulating conversion of carbs to more fat.

Therefore without getting rid of accumulated wastes and toxins from your body, the likelihood of you reaching your ultimate weight loss goals and maintaining even with gym, is very low.

There is no magic with Clean 9.

It’s purely designed from years professional experience and in depth understanding of safe weight management using strictly natural ingredients. Forget about side effects.

Clean 9 is the first crucial phase of our FIT programme and corrects all reasons you have not been seeing results from your efforts. Its not a diet,a phase or a fad that comes and goes. This is a lifestyle programme.

In just 9 days:- You will effectively and thoroughly cleanse your body, feel lighter and more energetic, lose between 2 to 6 kgs and 2 to 8 inches around the waistline.

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